Freelance Activity

Facilitated OPENLAB, London: Chisenhale Dance Space, 2018



Wine Games, 2007

Wine Games uses an algorithm to generate interaction in the form of discrete activity within the framework of Kaprow’s notion of the Happening. This work applies this framework to new media theory, using Wine Gums as a metaphor for new media objects, with a particular emphasis on video games as a model for the algorithm. A single packet of Wine Gums contains 12 individual sweets. This work uses 25 packets and 300 wine gums in total.

Regulation>colour sequence>changing situation>assemblage

The work represents the above algorithm. Starting from the middle of the corridor, I have followed this algorithm as dictated by the random arrangement of colours that exist within each packet of Wine Gums:

Yellow=up one space

Orange=down one space

Green=left one space

Red=right one space

Black=repeat prior step



RED 101 + 26 BLACK = 127

ORANGE 45 + 12 BLACK = 57

GREEN 43 + 12 BLACK = 55

YELLOW 52 + 9 BLACK = 61

TOTALS: COLOURS (300), BLACK (59), ALL (300)

Wine Utopia


Experiments in Utopia, London: Tenderpixel Gallery, 2010

Wine Utopia, 2010

The press release for Utopia Games described Wine Window as a, ‘response to the overload of today’s cultural and lifestyle choices [which] encourages its users towards a less biased engagement with the arts […] The symbolic fragments [therein] are to be reconfigured into groups in order to create a personalised cultural catalyst device.’ Wine MusicTheatre and Dance rotated their respective themes and constructed hour-long procedural events that involved audience participation.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


Wine World, London: Blue Elephant Theatre, 2014

Wine World, 2014



A Field of Character, London: The Faircharm, 2013

Collage Games, 2013

Pocket Skyline (Orange, A4); Sofa Bed (Red, A3);

Migration/Bacon-Tongue (Green, A2); Shard (Yellow background, A1 size)


Loopart13, London: The Faircharm, 08.07.13-08.10.13